LI261 – English Literature II

“The spirit of the age” is a prism. What’s to be remembered is that it changes, that there are alternative ways to look at the world.

Adapted from Chagall, La Fenetre (The Window) 

LI 261 surveys literature from 1900s to the present. It is also emphasizes close reading, a skill that enhances your ability to read any text well.  We will examine the defining ideology of the era, such as Romanticism, Victorianism, modernism, and postmodernism.  We will also examine how various writers within a particular period use differing stylistic features to create a different world vision. Not all Romantics love a tree in the same way. Not all moderns celebrate a kaleidoscopic view.  This course is also designed to hone your interpretative skills in both reading and writing. Read a text–read the world. 
Required text: The Norton Anthology of Literature, Vols D-F: Available through Textbook Rental

Recommended Text: Harmon and Holman, A Handbook to Literature