LI605 – Contemporary Theory / Contemporary Anglophone Literature

First, I want to dispel any tremors over the scary-like title.

Anglophone=Any literature originally written in English (British, Canadian, Caribbean, American )

Theory=Explanations to the World You Live In

“Post truth”:  Named 2016 Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries 
(Washington Post 16 November 2016)

What I have always hoped for in this course is a kind of “living theory.” And then, somewhere around 2016, all of a sudden what I had been teaching for several years came alive on the cultural and political screen: “Post truth”:  Named 2016 Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries (Washington Post 16 November 2016).   

Suddenly, medias have discovered “post truth”—something postmodernists have been talking about for a long time.  Learn how this impacts your contemporary world—and it does.        

This course pairs contemporary literary theory with contemporary British, Commonwealth, and postcolonial literatures, as well as with contemporary film and culture as a means for understanding contemporary theory. For example, the film Memento pairs with Lacan. The Handmaid’s Tale pairs with Derrida. We will explore poststructuralism (Derrida and Lacan) and continue through the most recent developments in literary theory.

To set the stage, we begin with the first episode of Mad Men to highlight the end of an era—the one that postmodernism comes after. Now too we are at a precipice: postmodernism is coming to an end. Come explore what is emerging.